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The newly restored St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is home to Marcus Wareing’s latest London venture, The Gilbert Scott, named after the building’s designer.

Inspired by cooks of historic England, the restaurant menu displays an array of classic British gastronomy with dishes including corned beef hash, Dorset snail and chicken pie, Pease pudding and Lord Mayor’s trifle, all made using regional British produce.

With an impressive menu on offer, Marcus turned to Bonnet to overcome the challenge presented by the unique curved shape of the building. Bonnet stepped up, sending a dedicated team from France to develop a bespoke solution to meet Marcus’ exacting specifications. The result is spectacular, and The Gilbert Scott is now the first restaurant to feature a curved Bonnet cooking suite, tailor-made to fit perfectly with the shape of the kitchen. Impressed by the whole process, Marcus explains, “Bonnet was incredibly quick to see the opportunity, very accessible and willing to make changes and work with me.”

Why the Bonnet suite fits in at The Gilbert Scott

• Bespoke, tailor-made design to maximise use of the space and provide a comfortable cooking environment.
• Superior quality to ensure longevity; Marcus says, “I expect this suite to outlive me – or at least the years I have left cooking in a professional kitchen – because it will last for 25+ years.”
• Works with you throughout the design process, with a range of modular equipment to produce the perfect solution for your kitchen needs.
• Induction tops give chefs flexibility and total control of the cooking process.
• Durable materials, designed to cope with a heavy workload, essential at a 126-seater top quality restaurant with the demands of 500 covers, seven days a week.

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"Bonnet was the first cooker I worked on at Aubergine, with Gordon Ramsay, and as the years have gone by they have just got better and better."

Marcus Wareing