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Founded in 1247, the Bethlem Royal Hospital has a rich and fascinating history. Where chaos once ruled, now lies an orderly, calm and well run hospital.

Providing mental health services locally, and specialist services across the UK, the hospital has experienced a complete turnaround since the days it earned the moniker ‘Bedlam’, with each efficiently run ward in its own building, with its own kitchen and peaceful garden.

With up to 25 beds on each of the 22 wards, it is the responsibility of Janet Hoskins, Head of Hotel Services, to ensure that the hospital’s catering service runs smoothly. Each of the kitchens is home to a Hobart FX300 warewasher, which Janet sees as crucial pieces of equipment. In a hospital environment where hygiene and sanitisation is vital, the FX300 is the perfect time and cost effective solution to provide sparkling clean plates. With routine and stability paramount to the care of patients at the hospital, it is essential that nothing disturbs the carefully planned day. For this reason, Janet trusts Hobart exclusively to keep her kitchens running smoothly, with MAX service cover on each machine. Thanks to their 200 engineers, Hobart is able to provide truly local service. Having been with Hobart for almost 7 years, Janet has come to depend on her dedicated local engineer to look after each of the wards’ individual kitchens, trusting him to come in and do the job safely and efficiently, without disturbing the wards - essential in an environment where security is crucial . ‘He understands the logistics of going on the wards and he’s familiar with the site. I feel comfortable with him being here and know I don’t have to check on him when he is, I trust him completely to get on with the job.’’

Janet sees her contracts with Hobart Service as irreplaceable. Machine breakdown is now a rare occurrence, thanks to the preventative service provided, ensuring the machines operate completely hygienically, essential in a hospital. Prior to their contracts, the hospital used domestic dishwashers, which if broken had to be replaced completely, and with 22 machines, this became a costly problem. With Hobart Service however, Janet is safe in the knowledge that if there was any problem, a dedicated engineer is on hand to fix it the very next day.

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"Hobart Service is definitely worth having and I would encourage anyone to take a contract out. They’re efficient, friendly and at a reasonable cost; the service we receive is worth every penny"

Janet Hoskins, Head of Hotel Services, Bethlem Royal Hospital