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The Waffle House, a popular restaurant in the centre of Norwich, caters to a wide range of customers. Serving up to 500 covers a day, the kitchen is busy and the turnaround fast.

With customers queuing out the door, Nigel Emblin, a partner in the restaurant, realises that the kitchen equipment can’t let him down. The kitchen features two important machines, a Hobart Mixer used to make all of the batter for their famously delicious waffles, and an AMX dishwasher, responsible for providing sparkling clean plates from 10am till 12 midnight, seven days a week. With such heavy usage, it is essential that the machines are kept in tip-top condition.

For complete confidence, Nigel trusts Hobart Service, who the restaurant has had service contracts with for over 20 years. “Having the MAX service contracts is often a godsend” he explains. “We wouldn’t be able to operate without these machines, and so ensuring they’re in perfect working order is vital. Preventative maintenance visits mean we experience far fewer problems; the machines are regularly checked and faults can be anticipated and resolved before they even occur – saving substantially on potential repair bills.” With Hobart, Nigel is visited by the same engineer the majority of the time, “The quality of service we receive and speed of call outs is faultless. Our engineer knows our machines back to front; he is fantastic.”

Reliability is essential to a hectic restaurant and Nigel knows he can count on Hobart to be there when needed, “I have never had to chase them up. Having a broken machine can be a nightmare, so having it fixed quickly is essential. Hobart Service delivers on all fronts, they are polite and efficient when we log a call, giving us a reference number and keeping us up to date with estimated timings – meaning both myself and the kitchen receive very minimal disruption.” Nigel admits he could never run a kitchen without a service contract, “It saves huge expenses we wouldn’t be expecting if something was to go wrong. Just knowing that it’s there assures me the kitchen is being looked after, and in a busy restaurant, that’s worth every penny."

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"Having the Hobart MAX contract is complete reassurance. I don’t get charged for call outs, labour or Hobart parts, so I know exactly how much I’m paying"

Nigel Emblin, Partner The Waffle House, Norwich