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After six successful years at Michelin-star restaurant, Maze, Jason Atherton decided to make the move to pursue his all-time dream, opening a food destination of his own. Inspired by a chapter in his life living and working in Spain, Jason wanted his restaurant’s philosophy to be ‘flexibility’ with the vision “to eat, drink and socialise.”

Named Pollen Street Social, it aspires to be an urban meeting point not only for special events, but everyday occasions too. Jason adds, “I just want people to come and have fun.” With a range of dining experiences to choose from, whether it’s a casual glass of wine at the bar, tapas, fine dining or simply a dessert from London’s first stand-alone dessert bar, Jason needed a kitchen suite which was durable enough to withstand the demands of 85 covers every night, but also stylish and in keeping with the rest of the establishment.

Jason approached Bonnet, with the challenge of finding a suite which was “durable, functional, sexy and solid.” With its titanium, matt black exterior and its superior quality, Bonnet was able to meet the brief to the delight of Jason and his kitchen staff who “absolutely love it.” Importantly, the suite has generated additional business benefits, with its unique design specifically tailored to meet the Pollen Street Social’s kitchen needs. Consisting of two induction units and plancha grills, it is easy to use and has removed the pan work, leading to a more efficient, smoother running kitchen with the ability to increase covers.

Why the Bonnet suite is perfect for the Pollen Street Social

•    Custom-built suite designed to fit perfectly. “It is very much the beating heart of a very busy kitchen.”
•    Superior quality to ensure longevity.
•    Durable materials, designed to cope with a busy, 85 covers a night restaurant, striving to become one of London’s best.
•    Jason worked with Bonnet during the design process selecting from bespoke features.
•    Two induction units, giving the chefs flexibility and total control over the cooking process.
•    Two plancha grills, taking out the pan work and increasing the efficiency of the kitchen.

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"My favourite feature on the Bonnet suite is definitely the plancha grills which are perfect. I am really pleased with them."

Jason Atherton