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Hobart 700 Series Accessories

Description Code
Stainless Steel Swivel Castor A770016
Stainless Steel Swivel Castor With Brake A770017
Pan Support For Ranges A770053
Reduction Grate For Open Burners RTCU700028
Smooth Griddle Plate For Open Burners A770008
Lined Griddle Plate For Open Burners A770009
1/2 Size Fryer Basket A770045
1/1 Size Fryer Basket A770046
Fish Grill Plate For Chargrill A770059
Lateral Cupboard Guide For Shelf Support A770010
1/1 Cupboard Grid Shelf A770011
Heating Kit For 1/1 Cabinet A770014
Heating Kit For 2/1 Cabinet A770015
Open Burner Reduction Bar B1OP-FVSUPC