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  1. Where can I read more about Maestro suites?

    We have worked with and built suites for very well-known, acclaimed chefs. Please view our Chef Profile webpages for more information. 

  2. What is Bonnet?

    Bonnet is part of ITW and is the flagship brand of Hobart Cooking. Established in 1830, Bonnet builds the highest quality cooking equipment to suit your kitchen needs, from modular solutions to hand built bespoke suites. Working with many top culinary establishments, Bonnet has gained a reputation for quality and expertise. 

  3. Why should I invest in a Maestro suite?

    Built by Bonnet, Maestro suites are a unique combination of tradition and high technology, tailor-made to meet your own exacting requirements. Bonnet works with you throughout the design process, providing a bespoke kitchen solution. The suite is of superior quality made of durable materials, offering longevity. 

  4. What are the key features of a Maestro suite?

    • Solid top - Provides chefs with a temperature gradient from 250°C to over 500°C.
    • Heated top – Its unique design diffuses heat and extends the range of temperatures available.
    • Open burners – Exceptional output with temperature control and it is incredibly easy to clean.
    • Chromed plancha – Available in multiple styles: French with a temperature gradient, Spanish or Teppanyaki, ensuring fish and meat are cooked precisely. Flush edges guarantee easy cleaning for a hygienic kitchen. 
    • Induction – Offers chefs flexibility and total control over the cooking process.
    • Maestro fryers – With a cooking temperature range from low to 180°C, these offer a new platform for taste creation. Available in different capacities they are completely flush fitted and integrated into your suite. 
  5. Does my Maestro suite have to consist of all of the above key features?

    No, you decide which features would best suit your kitchen. Bonnet builds suites to meet your specifications providing a solution for your individual kitchen needs. 

  6. What is a High Speed Steamer?

    This product uses dry steam under pressure at 116⁰C providing accelerated cooking - up to 850 portions an hour. Whilst being efficient, it still maintains the food’s flavour, colour, nutrients and moisture of the food. Items such as meat, fish, rice, pasta, eggs and vegetables can be cooked in this machine. 

  7. Why should I have a Combi Oven in my kitchen?

    This oven optimises energy consumption and reduces costs, thus increasing profitability. Offering three different cooking modes you can increase productivity, expand your menu and simplify your operation. Another benefit is its ‘Self Clean’ mode which leaves the oven absolutely spotless.

  8. Can you explain what the Optimum 900 series is in greater detail?

    Made by Bonnet, this range has been designed and manufactured to give the ultimate performance and ergonomics a large modern kitchen demands. All units are modular and can be freestanding, mounted on wheels or suited together in a line or island configuration. Installation options include plinth, wall or centrally mounted suites. 

  9. Can you explain what the Optimum 700 series is in greater detail?

    Made by Bonnet, the cooking equipment allows the professional caterer to cook with confidence. Using modern, flexible, ergonomically designed equipment supported by the very latest manufacturing techniques. The optimum 700 series modular equipment satisfies every aspect of today’s food production needs. 

  10. What is the Premier series?

    This is Hobart’s Premier series of cooking equipment. Manufactured with elegance and style, it retains a toughness giving years of trouble free service. The units are modular which provides flexibility ensuring every need can be satisfied. The Premier series comprises of mixed fuel, gas and electric over ranges, boiling tops, fryers, griddles, chargrills, bain maries, pasta cookers, bratt pans and boiling kettles.

  11. What is the difference between a 900 model and a 700 model?

    The 700 series is medium duty 700mm deep modular equipment, whereas the 900 series is heavy duty 900mm deep modular equipment.

  12. Why choose a Bratt Pan?

    A bratt pan is perfect for batch cooking.  It can poach, boil, pan-fry/sauté, braise & stew. It is a large multifunctional pan with its own water and heat supply. 

  13. What is a Boiling Kettle?

    A large cooking pot heated via a water jacket.

  14. What is a Charbroiler?

    It is like a BBQ but without the charcoal. It is easy to operate with improved usability and simple cleaning of removable grates and cassette style heat deflectors. 

  15. What is a Salamander Grill?

    They are gas or electric heavy duty grills with removable drip trays and easy glide counter balanced tops. 

  16. What does an Induction Hob do?

    It uses a magnetic coil to heat the pan. Power is only conducted when the pan is in contact with the surface. Please note that pans must have a ferrous content, meaning they must contain iron. 

  17. What is a Vitro Ceramic Electric Hob?

    An electric hob which glows red when in use and does not hold residual heat.

  18. What is a Chargrill?

    It is a BBQ powered by gas.

  19. What are the benefits of having water treatment?

    Designed to offer long term protection against limescale build up on machines, thus reducing the need for cost intensive servicing and machine breakdown. 

  20. Why should I choose the FXP model over the FX model?

    Both models are technologically advanced due to their revolutionary INTENSIV wash system but the FXP is further enhanced with a 4th stage, INTENSIV4, which is a unique drying cycle. Another difference is with their rinse systems. The FX model uses 2.5 litres of water per cycle, whereas the FXP model uses less, 1.6 litres of water per cycle. This equates to further savings on water, energy, detergent & rinse aid. 

  21. There are three different glasswasher models (GC, GXH/GX and GXP). What are the differences?

    The GC model is the smallest of the three, with a compact yet efficient 400 x 400mm basket delivering up to 760 sparkling clean glasses per hour. The GXH and GX models are high performance, high capacity glasswashers combining quality and innovation to deliver up to 1500 glasses per hour. The GXH model is ideally suited for under bar installation. The GXP performs the same as the GXH and GX models with the added features of INTENSIV4, a wash system which incorporates an active drying cycle, and a COMPLETE hygiene programme.

  22. What is the advantage of vector wide angle wash jets?

    They provide a substantially broader and more precise spraying pattern. Compared with conventional and fixed arm systems, masking is avoided and the wash result, especially in the corners, is dramatically improved. 

  23. I bought a brand new machine from Hobart 9 months ago and it has broken down, can it be repaired free of charge?

    Where equipment fails within 12 months from the date of delivery to the customer, Hobart UK repairs the equipment free of charge, provided no alterations, additions or repairs have been made by any person not authorised by Hobart UK. Hobart UK cannot be held responsible for the quality of your water supply and always recommends the use of water softeners or water conditioners at all times. Scale related damage is not covered under the warranty. 

  24. What is Hobart’s returns policy?

    All returns must be authorised by Hobart UK and will be subject to a 25% restocking charge. Only returns of new and unused equipment, in original packaging, will be considered. The charge covers return transport, inspection, quality assurance checks and return warehousing. 

  25. I would like more information about Hobart products. Where would I find this?

    The product pages on our website have links to a sales brochure which contain further information. If you require even more information please ring 0844 888 7777.

  26. I have mislaid my appliance user manual, how do I get a new one?

    You can download user manuals from our website. Click here. 

  27. My machine has broken down, can you help?

    Please log a call with us. Click here. 

  28. Do you have any service packages?

    Yes, please click here for information. 

  29. What are the advantages of having a service package?

    Hobart service is here when you need it, 24/7. It offers complete reassurance and ensures nothing stops your kitchen from operating smoothly. Our skilled experts can guarantee downtime is decreased and a 93% first time genuine fix is achieved.