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HOBART Service Staff PPE kits

HOBART Service PPE Kit in blue bag with logo

HOBART Service staff safety is ‘top priority’ in the ongoing pandemic

From the very start of the pandemic, all HOBART Service staff have been issued with personal PPE packs.

Rebecca Phillips – HR Manager for HOBART UK explains, “The safety and wellbeing of our teams has always been one of our top priorities and when COVID-19 hit we had to quickly adapt so that we could continue to serve our customers.

“We introduced COVID-19 specific risk assessment, introduced PPE kits for all employees and were guided by our high-risk customer sites who were experiencing COVID-19 firsthand and implemented best practice.”

HOBART PPE kits differ for office/home based staff and Service Technicians. Rebecca goes through the Tech kits: “Our Service Technician kits contain anti-bacterial wipes, gloves, sanitiser and KN95 masks. They also have disposable over jackets and hats.”

HOBART Service’s partnership with First Choice enables our Technicians to replenish their kits with next day delivery, “Each Tech is given a list of PPE kit available to them and they can replenish directly through First Choice as they see fit.”

“We are proud of how our teams have adapted to the current environment we find ourselves in. We continue to deliver a first class service to our customers, with safety always at the forefront of our minds.”

HOBART Service's Managing Director Keith Mackie added: “HOBART Service worked closely with our key suppliers First Choice to bolster PPE supply provisions to enable our field operatives to work safely and have adequate equipment provided for them to carry out their day to day roles.

“There are new risk assessments specifically for supporting workers having to attend sites within potentially high-risk areas.

“We are regularly communicating to our field service staff and internal employees to provide government guidance updates in order to ensure the business remains compliant and in line with current requirements.”


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