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Talk with a Tech - Learn how Hobart Service Technicians have adapted and overcome during the pandemic

Honart Service Technician providing onsite maintenance

At Hobart Service, our dedicated team of Service Technicians are at the very heart of our company. As with many businesses, the ongoing pandemic has presented a number of challenges, but for Hobart Service and our Techs, keeping our customer’s kitchens open remains our number one priority.

“Adapting to a new normal has been an easy transition for our Technicians,” explains Craig Robinson, Hobart Service’s Operation Manager for the North.

“We are used to adapting to different environments every day. The extensive range of customers we visit, requires us to be prepared for any kind of scenario. From schools, supermarkets and hospitality venues to high level MOD facilities, prisons and hospitals, we adapt to different environments all the time.”

Hobart Service Techs following government guidance

With every installation, emergency callout to broken down kitchen equipment and planned preventative maintenance visit, our Technicians are ensuring health and safety takes precedence, “Customers have continued to welcome us through their doors and, with the help of our Hobart PPE Packs, our customers are notably reassured.

“We are following government safety guidelines, staying safe and using our PPE appropriately – allowing us to maintain our high standard of service.”

Prioritising our NHS

Hundreds of hospitals nationwide rely on Hobart Service. As a company, it is critical we continue to meet SLAs in all sectors however, at a time where hospitals are busier than ever, prioritising NHS breakdowns is essential.

“At the start of the pandemic a request was made for volunteers in our teams to attend emergency breakdowns at hospitals, specifically COVID-19 wards. The response was overwhelming! The numbers enabled Hobart Service to have full capacity throughout the whole of Great Britain in supporting all NHS Trusts across the country.”

Despite the risk that comes with entering hospitals, our Service Technicians selflessly put our NHS first, “When first attending COVID-19 wards, we knew there was huge risks for ourselves and our families at home. However, following a strict and safe process of handwashing, sanitising (and when arriving home having to get undressed and changed in the garage just to be sure!), it soon became an effortless practice which has meant the NHS has always had the support it needs from Hobart Service during the entirety of this global Coronavirus crisis.”

Staff support and wellbeing

As for staff morale and wellbeing, Craig noted, “We’ve supported and helped each other in many ways the last 10 months, there have been some down-beaten and sad days but surprisingly these have been outnumbered greatly by days full of satisfaction, positive outcomes and seeing us all step towards what we remember as normality.”

“Hobart - Keeping You Open for Service, no matter what!!”


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