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  • Improved insulation thanks to the new insulator and the double  coated internal glass
  • Strong construction characterized by a welded cooking chamber in AISI 304 with moulded top and bottom, to avoid deformation
  • IPX5 protection,
  • The 90% of the components accessible from the right side of the oven
  • Automatic fan inversion
  • 3 fan speeds
  • 70 mm pitch
  • Adaptability to pastry trays
  • 5 levels humidifier
CYE66 x GN 1/1 Grid Convection OvenELECTRIC
9.5kW 400/50/3    
890 x 795 x 720
CYG66 x GN 1/1 Grid Convection OvenGAS 12.5kW
0.7kW 230/50/1  
890 x 795 x 720
CYE1010 x GN 1/1 Grid Convection OvenELECTRIC
18.5kW 400/50/3 
890 x 795 x 900
CYG1010 x GN 1/1 Grid Convection OvenGAS
0.7kW 230/50/1    
890 x 795 x 900
CYE10210 x 2/1 GN Convection Oven ELECTRIC
25.5 kW 400v/50/3
890 x 1220 x 900

Technical data

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Device CodeDescription
DXRight Hand Hinged Door - Combi / Convection
SFCM1/1 GN Oven Stand 6 & 10 Level 
PTCMTray Slides / Support for SFCM Stand
KSFAOven Stand Enclosure Kit - Panels & Door*
KSFREnclosed Oven Stand B36 Heating Kit
SFCM202/1 GN Oven Stand - 2/1 GN (Enclosure Panels & Heating Kit N/A)
PTCM20Tray Slides/Support to Suit SFCM20 Stand
RGP6Lateral Slides 6 Tray 
RGP10Lateral Slides 10 Tray 
KSCM4Combi / Convection Oven Stacking Kit - 4 Grid on 6 or 10
KSCM6Combi / Convection Oven Stacking Kit - 6 Grid on 6 or 10
SFKS4Combi / Convection Oven Stand Stacking Kit - 6 Grid on 6,4 + 6  & 4 + 4
KRCMOven Stand Height Extension Kit - 800mm Clearance
AFC00031/1 GN Stainless Steel Grid Shelf
AFC0004Stainless Steel Grid Shelf
AFC00951/1 GN Stainless Steel Grid for Vegetables
AFC00381/1 GN Stainless Steel Container 20mm
AFC00251/1 GN Stainless Steel Container 40mm 
AFC00261/1 GN Stainless Steel Container 65mm 
AFC00301/1 GN Stainless Steel Perforated Container 20mm 
AFC00311/1 GN Stainless Steel Perforated Container 40mm 
AFC00321/1 GN Stainless Steel Perforated Container 65mm 
AFC01101/1 GN Teflon / Aluminium Container 20mm 
AFC01111/1 GN Teflon / Aluminium Container 40mm 
AFC01121/1 GN Teflon / Aluminium Container 65mm 
AFC01131/1 GN Aluminium Container 20mm 
AFC01141/1 GN Aluminium Container 40mm 
139475GN 1/2 Pan 45mm 
141502GN 1/2 Pan 100mm
139381-3GN 1/1 Pan 20mm 
139381-4GN 1/1 Pan 40mm 
139470GN 1/1 Pan 45mm 
139381-26GN 1/1 Pan 65mm 
98613GN 1/1 Pan 100mm 
*Kit upgradable in a second stage, to complete the open support