Hobart UK - The Complete Package

Frequently Asked Questions

Which machines are available to purchase in the offer?

  • Glasswashers: GX-10B, GXS-11B, GP-10B, GPS-10B
  • Undercounter dishwashers: FX-10B, FXS-10B, FP-10B, FPS-10B, careSW-10B
  • Hood type dishwashers: AMX-10A, AMXS-10A, AMXR-10A, AMXRS-10A, AMXX-10A, AMXXS-10A, AMXXR-10A, AMXXRS-10A, AUP-10A, AUPS-10A, AUPRS-10A
  • Two-level dishwashers: TLWW-10A, TLWSW-10A
  • Combi ovens: B2MJ061E-40, BPPE061/1-11, BPPE101/1-11, BPPE201/1-11, BPPE202/1-11, BPPG061/1-10, BPPG101/1-10, BPPG201/1-10, BPPG202/1-10
  • High speed steamer: 305GB-10
  • Combi oven & high speed steamer stack: BPPE101/1-305TB

What does the service plan that is included in the package cover?

The Complete Package service plan’s all-inclusive offering is provided by Hobart UK Service and includes:

  • No call out or labour charges
  • No charge for Hobart parts supplied and fitted by our Technicians
  • 1 planned maintenance visit in the second year at your customers convenience
  • 24-hour reactive response

Will Hobart complete a credit check?

Yes, we will be completing a credit check but this will not affect your credit ratings. The credit check will not affect any existing bank or credit relationships they may have.

What happens if I were to miss a payment?

You would be contacted directly by ITW Leasing & Finance and should be advised that missing payments could have severe consequences and make obtaining credit more difficult. Missed/late payments could impact your finances, including making obtaining credit more difficult.

When will my payments start?

The deposit is paid in advance of your machine delivery/installation, with the completion of the documentation. Your monthly payments will only commence after the delivery/installation of your machine is complete.

How many payments are required?

There are 24 payments in total, 1 deposit + 23 equal monthly payments. The finance is provided directly by ITW Leasing & Finance and absolutely no interest is charged across the life of the loan. Depending on your credit status a higher initial first payment/deposit may be required.

If I wish to pay the loan off ahead of time will there be additional charges?

There will be no additional charges for early settlement.

Will I own the machine at the end of the package?

Yes, the title will transfer to you upon receipt of their final payment.

Who ‘owns’ the machine up until the final payment?

Any equipment purchased through this plan will be owned by ITW Leasing & Finance until the final payment is received.

Is installation included in the package? What about disconnection and removal of my old machine?

Yes, the installation cost is included in the package cost. Standard install hours are 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri. Work required outside of these times will be charged at an additional rate. Disconnection & removal of the old machine is available at an additional cost. These costs will need to be added to the first payment/deposit if required.

Is delivery included?

Yes, standard 3-day delivery to UK mainland is included. Other delivery options including next day will be subject to a quotation and any additional costs will be added to the initial deposit.



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