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Planned Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining your kitchen equipment to prevent breakdown

Planned preventative maintenance checks are essential to identify any potential problems with your kitchen equipment, minimising any future downtime and costly repairs. 

Regular PPM checks allow our Service Technicians to check for worn parts, pressure issues and health and safety concerns, and fix the problem before it becomes costly and disruptive.

What does a preventative maintenance visit include?

  • Component checks  All components/parts are examined to make sure they are working properly and in good working condition
  • Water pressure and drainage checks  Ensuring that water is flowing properly without any unnecessary wastage
  • Health and safety  Machine safety checks are carried out to ensure your commercial equipment is fit for purpose and safe to use by your employees - our Technicians can also provide you with an equipment safety service report.

HOBART Service offer a range of planned maintenance contracts which can be tailored to meet your individual needs. The team will provide advice on the most appropriate levels of planned maintenance depending on the type and age of equipment installed and patterns of use.

If any replacement parts are required, our HOBART Service Technicians will usually have the part on their van - allowing them to fix your equipment same day.

Our Tech's OEM van stock attributes to our unrivalled First Time Fix rate of 94%. We also have over 90% parts availability in our Peterborough warehouse, meaning any parts not in van stock are available to our Techs next day, 7 days a week. 

Contact us today to schedule a visit by one of our 100 UK wide catering specialist technicians 0844 888 7777 (option 1) or click here to enquire