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Food preparation equipment

“The HOBART“ is a synonym to the mixer that is used on the seas and ashore. The preparation equipment is found on almost every cruise vessel in service.

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Food preparation equipment

HOBART food preparation equipment continues a tradition of reliably supporting your performances, day in, day out – thanks to durability, versatility, outstanding performance, mix consistency, simple operation, ease of cleaning and operator protection.

HOBART offers the choice of a full range of mixers from 5 qt. to 140 qt.! The selection of cutter mixers, slicers and peelers is a must in vegetable preparation. And the fish and meat saw will cut everything so the guest will ultimately get the best menu prepared – with HOBART food preparation equipment.

The variety is big but even more HOBART is famous for quality, reliability and performance all over the world and on all seven seas.


HOBART food preparation equipment is designed to exceed the overall life time. They are produced of robust components and heat-treated, hardened alloy steel.


No matter whether slicing or mixing – HOBART food preparation equipment offers precise results.

Ease and Efficiency

All HOBART products are easy to use and efficient in result. All parts are designed for ease of cleaning.


HOBART offers a full line of mixers, slicers, peelers, cutters and saws. All are designed for heavy-duty conditions and offer comfortable operation in the galley.

Waste treatment


Food and wet waste processing and treatment systems


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