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24 Hour Cooking with the Hobart Precipan

The multifunctional Precipan brings total flexibility, versatility, and simplicity to the commercial kitchen, giving chefs the tools to master multiple methods of cooking in one compact footprint, optimising kitchen space and saving on equipment costs.

In this video we show how the Precipan can be used for overnight cooking and into breakfast, lunch, afternoon and evening services, whether for bulk menu cooking or à la carte dining.

Hobart Bottle Washing Insert

Check out this short video on how easy Hobart's new bottle washing insert is to install, once installed the machine is ready to use in the normal way, no more hand washing bottles and a clean hygienic result every time guaranteed.



The revolutionary dishwasher has a second wash chamber. Thus the second level can be used for washing simultaneously – that is twice the capacity per wash cycle. Another advantage of the machine is its compact design. Despite the increased washing performance, it does not require more space in the scullery than a conventional dishwasher.

The Bonnet Precipan

One piece of equipment- unlimited possibilities Harmonise your cooking suite with 9 cooking modes in
one unit: simmer, grill, braise, sauté, pan fry, steam, boil,deep fry and smoke.

The new dishwasher generation 2018

New display with touch screen, unbeatable drying result, warewashing 4.0 with the WASHSMART app: The new features of the enhanced glasswashers and dishwashers by HOBART convince. True to the motto "WORK SMART, NOT HARD", the machines combine extremely low operating costs with impressive operator comfort to make daily cleaning as easy as possible. Short washing times, guaranteed cleaning results, as well as low water, energy, and chemical consumption complement the overall picture.

RACK-TYPE dishwasher - the new dimension 2017

HOBART presents the next generation of the CP/CN series. Whether in PREMAX or PROFI version, the new rack-type dishwasher offers new technology dimensions with convincing solutions for more efficiency, economy, easier handling and even better drying results.

Hobart Conveyor

Welcome to a unique view of the Hobart Tray Conveyor system

Hobart Warewash in action | Nottingham University

Take a look at the video and find out how Hobart’s ground-breaking FTNi Flight-Type warewasher has helped Nottingham University's Atrium Food Court.