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In October 2023, the hospitality industry in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be met with a huge legislation change around the supply of single-use plastics, with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) pledging to make good on a January 2023 commitment to ban the sale of single use plastic plates, trays, bowls, cutlery, balloon sticks, and certain types of polystyrene cups and food containers.

As a market leader with a real commitment to sustainable issues and a global reach into territories where single-use plastics have either been eradicated or their usage severely curtailed, Hobart’s expert teams have been able to get at least two years ahead of the UK market. The result is a range of highly effective and hygienic reusable plastic washing and drying solutions for all sizes of operation – from the smallest cafés to the largest stadiums.

Designed around the core guiding principles of simplicity and performance, Hobart’s reusable washing solutions will help remove the headache of the move away from single-use plastics. Furthermore, there are clear benefits, both from a sustainable but also a commercial point of view, for businesses getting prepared and ready, whatever the outcome of October’s announcement.

Undercounter Dishwasher Reusable Washing Solutions

An undercounter washing solution for smaller sites processing reusable cups, bowls and bottles, Hobart’s PREMAX FP and GP machines offer the best possible drying results. Built-in TOP-DRY drying is unique to the market and saves operators the inconvenience of manual drying.

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Hood-Type Dishwasher Reusable Washing Solutions

For increased capacities of up to 750 cups per hour, we have created a unique, active hood-type drying system that can be retrofitted to existing tabling at any time.

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Rack and Flight-type Dishwasher Plastic Washing and Dyring Solutions


When there’s absolutely no compromise on capacity, speed, efficiency and easy drying of reusables, Hobart’s ground-breaking Rack and Flight-type machines provide the perfect solution, capable of washing and drying 1000+ cups per hour.

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With innovation in the industry absolutely thriving, the latest solutions available to the sector to help operators become less reliant on single-use plastics – embracing instead the much-vaunted circular economy – can help to ease the transition and even allow sites to profit in the process.

Chris Mansell, Warewash Product Manager

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