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The Hobart High Speed Steamer is a revolutionary product with unique cooking abilities that provides chefs with the fastest, most cost-effective way of producing the highest quality dishes.

This innovative piece of equipment uses ‘dry’ steam under pressure to dramatically reduce cook times compared to traditional methods; fish, meat, eggs and rice are cooked in minutes, and shellfish and vegetables in seconds. Such accelerated cook times enable chefs to cook on demand, helping to cut down on produce costs and food wastage.

The High Speed Steamer not only cooks food quickly, but its rapid cooking technique helps to retain the natural appearance, colour and flavour of ingredients.

High quality, consistent results are guaranteed regardless of the number of portions, and the ability to choose the level of pressure makes the High Speed Steamer suitable for cooking most food types, including delicate items like fish.

The unrivalled capabilities of the High Speed Steamer enable chefs in any kitchen to cook quickly and efficiently, keep energy costs low, and produce food that looks and tastes fantastic.

Hobart, redefining innovation to make kitchen life easier.

Popular Dishes in the High Speed Steamer

Singapore Prawn Noodle Baskets 15 seconds
Asparagus Spears 16 Seconds
Mixed Vegetables 45 seconds
Moules Marinière 60 Seconds
Monkfish En Papillote 90 Seconds
Eggs (boiled, en cocotte, scrambled) 2 minutes 30 seconds
Soup 4 minutes
Risotto 4 Minutes
Moroccan Style Giant Couscous Warm Salad with Salmon 5 minutes
Chicken Curry and Rice 6 minutes
Korean Style Beef Stew with Warm Kimchi 20 minutes

The Hobart High Speed Steamer, an Innovative Product with Unique Cooking Abilities

  • Dramatically reduced cooking times compared to traditional methods
  • Reduced food wastage by cooking on demand
  • Natural food appearance, flavours and quality retained
  • Guaranteed consistency – regardless of the number of portions
  • Suitable for cooking most food types

After attending a Hobart Cook Live demonstration, Dan Androne, Head Chef at The Forest Hotel commented:

“I had read about it before but this was the first time seeing the High Speed Steamer for myself – so impressive and easy to use.

I’d always been under the impression it was just for vegetables, but we were putting beef short rib, pork ribs and chicken curry in and getting amazing quality results. I can see it being brilliant for banqueting, weddings and functions, especially. It really opened my eyes.

[using] It will make a huge impact on energy and water use, and with the state of current kitchen skill levels and available resource, in the next ten years everyone will own a High Speed Steamer. I’ve already spoken with the owners about getting one or two into the kitchen to help us get ahead of the game.”


Visit the High Speed Steamer product page for more information.