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Introducing our NEW Flexible Payment Plans, developed to ensure you get the machine your business deserves – not just the one you can afford right now.

Owning the most innovative and energy efficient equipment on the market is now easier than ever. Our finance options are provided by Hobart UK directly - there is no third party involved - and as lenders rather than brokers, we’re able to approve 99% of applications.

To find out which payment plan is right for you, view our handy matrix here.


Interest-Free Purchase Plans

Spread the cost of your new machines and manage cash flow more effectively with our existing 12-month and our new 18- and 24-month Interest-Free Purchase Plans.

Not only will you own the machine (on receipt of the final payment), you’ll also benefit from having to initially pay just one month’s deposit, equal monthly payments for the remainder of the term and the option to include installation and extended warranty.

Also, your monthly payments will only commence AFTER the delivery/installation of your equipment is complete.

To find out which payment plan is right for you, view our handy matrix here.


With flexible terms and competitive rates, our new Contract Rental Plans offer an alternative way to manage cash flow and help you choose the right machine for your business needs.

The 3-year Contract Rental is 100% tax deductable and, as with the Interest-Free Purchase Plans, comes with an annual statement to assist with claiming back VAT. There is also a 5-year option available for the Government sector. At the end of your contract term, you will have the option of paying a minimal fee for secured indefinite use of the equipment.

To find out which payment plan is right for you, view our handy matrix here.

Note: All figures for finance are quoted subject to credit approval. Additional guarantees or increased deposits may be required. Click here for full terms and conditions.

Please contact your Hobart dealer or
see our FAQs for more information.

"We were in the middle of a full refurbishment which is why we chose the interest-free option from Hobart. Doing this allowed us to control the cash flow and concentrate on other elements, which worked out really well for us, making the process so much more manageable.

"Shortly after, we opened a second unit and the dishwasher was the first thing we organised for the kitchen. Same Hobart machine, same deal. We can’t recommend it highly enough."

Neil Douglas, Café Antipasti