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Large Warewash – Why HOBART Service are the only option to look after your large warewash

With the ability to prewash, wash and dry hundreds of dishes per hour, HOBART large warewash machines are designed to make your life much easier.


Whilst the settings and operations of these machines are user friendly the inner workings are extremely complex. Meaning when it comes to the installation and maintenance it is essential that this is done by a trained expert.

Here are 5 reasons why HOBART Service should be your only choice when looking for a service provider for your large warewash.

Technical Information

When complex large warewash machines break down, our Service Technicians run diagnostics using HOBART’s Technical Information System (TIS). Linking directly to our factory, this system is only accessible to HOBART Service Technicians.

Factory Training

HOBART Service Technicians are the only Techs factory trained on HOBART conveyor dishwashers – in fact, no other service provider is factory trained in HOBART, Bonnet, Elro or Maestro kitchen equipment.

In addition to the year-long initial training, HOBART Service Technicians also receive annual refresher training to ensure their knowledge and performance is unrivalled.

Spare Parts

HOBART Service are the manufacturer. Our access to OEM parts is unrivalled, with over 500 lines kept in our Technician’s vans and over 12,500 product lines held at our Peterborough warehouse.

This dishwasher spare parts access, along with Technician training, attributes towards our 94% First Time Fix rate.

UK-wide coverage

HOBART directly employ over 100 Service Technicians covering 100% of UK mainland postcodes.


Hyline dishwasher chemicals have been specifically designed by HOBART to guarantee a hygienic, professional clean and extend the life of your warewash machine.

Suitable for all warewash – from conveyor dishwashers to glasswashers, and all water types – Hyline detergent has hard water and soft-medium water options.

Find out how switching to Hyline chemicals can save your site money and reduce single use plastic consumption.

Shop Hyline chemicals here


Find out more about HOBART Service here

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