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Top Tips for Energy Smart Warewashing

Chris Mansell, Warewash Product Manager

As an industry leader in warewashing, Hobart manufactures the most cost-effective machines on the market with features designed to reduce energy loss, maximise capacity without increasing operating costs, and minimise water, detergent, and energy consumption.

Innovations like Drain Heat Recovery or Exhaust Energy Storage, both of which involve the transfer of heat from outgoing hot water to incoming cold water to reduce electrical energy consumption, set the company apart as true energy smart innovators, says Chris Mansell, warewash product manager at Hobart UK Equipment Division.

“The same can be said for the unique four-sided, fully insulated hood on our iconic hood-type machines, which retains energy rather than releasing it into the environment, and our innovative Premax ranges which inject steam into the wash process, which is more efficient in cleaning, and increases the temperature, which in turn maximises wash results and uses less water, less detergent and less electrical energy.”

Successful research and development doesn’t always mean energy smart solutions have to be complex, however.

One of the simplest, value-for-money features that Hobart has created is a double rack insert accessory on its undercounter dishwashers that doubles the machine’s capacity in the same single wash cycle and effectively halves the consumption per rack.

“It’s a very small outlay but a brilliantly effective opportunity to reduce costs,” says Mansell. “If an operator stacks the machine correctly, they could halve their operating spend, as fewer cycles would naturally reduce labour, servicing and maintenance outlay, too.

“The rack insert can be easily placed in and taken out with one hand – so simple and yet so functional, the kind of intuitive innovation that Hobart does so effortlessly.”

Three top tips from an energy smart expert

As the industry faces one of the toughest winters in living memory, with spiralling energy prices beginning to bite, Hobart has compiled some advice on how to ensure that the warewasher is performing as efficiently as possible, giving operators one less thing to worry about in the heat of service:

1. Service regularly

Machine breakdowns can be highly disruptive and costly to daily operations.

Regular servicing is therefore crucial to maximising the equipment’s performance. There are substantial benefits to keeping equipment properly maintained, from lower running and reduced lifetime costs, to increased operating efficiency.

2. Focus on training

Training needs to be offered to get new staff up to speed on best practice, helping avoid costly breakdowns, which, in terms of warewashing, can be brought on by seemingly innocuous things like incorrect loading of baskets. Kitchens can often be the victims of high staff churn, making it imperative that new team members are brought up to scratch quickly.

3. Buy better, save long term

Modern warewashers are designed and built with a remit to save time and energy without compromising on a quality end result. Operators may be sitting on some very old equipment and if this is the case, it may be better to put their money into something new, now. We recognise the difficulties in the current climate and a desire to protect capital, so our advice would be to spread the cost using one of our advantageous interest-free purchase plans.

Created to help end users free up vital cash flow and spread the cost of ownership, Hobart’s 0% finance offer helps sites to focus on immediate business requirements and achieve the machine they need for the job in hand not just the one they think they can afford. 

To find out more about Hobart's energy saving solutions get in touch with one of our experts today.

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