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Bonnet Charbroiler - BCB Series

With the Bonnet Charbroiler, operators can increase profitability and reduce wastage with consistent cooking results from a reliable, user friendly and easy to clean piece of equipment. Built around the user to provide greater efficiency and improved usability, the machines use up to 18% less energy without compromising on an outstanding quality result.

  • Improved thermal efficiency and heat targeted to the cooking area
  • Increased cooking area and reduced ambient termperatures
  • Removable grates and cassette style heat deflectors for simple cleaning
  • Individually controlled main burners, secondary ignition Piezo pilot burners and a waterless drip tray
  • Constructed from robust, strong stainless steel

The Bonnet Charbroiler now includes as standard:

  • 3 Sided splash guard
  • Grate scraper
  • Grate lifting tool
  • Splash guard cleaning tool
  • Fry plate is available as an accessory for optimum flexibility

The Range

Device Code Description Gas Loading Dimensions (mm w x d x h)  CAD PDF
BCB600-1  600mm Charbroiler  Gas - 14.8kw / (50500BTU/H)  643 x 790 x 528  CAD  PDF
BCB600-2  600mm Charbroiler  LPG Gas - 14.8kw / (50500BTU/H)  643 x 790 x 528  CAD  PDF
BCB900-1  900mm Charbroiler  Gas - 22.2kw / (75770BTU/H)  914 x 790 x 528  CAD  PDF
BCB900-2  900mm Charbroiler  LPG Gas - 22.2kw / (75770BTU/H)  914 x 790 x 528  CAD  PDF
BCB1200-1  1200mm Charbroiler  Gas - 29.6kw / (101025BTU/H)  1185 x 790 x 528  CAD  PDF
BCB1200-2  1200mm Charbroiler  LPG Gas - 29.6kw / (101025BTU/H)  1185 x 790 x 528  CAD  PDF
BCB1500-1  1500mm Charbroiler  Gas - 37.0kw / (126275BTU/H)  1535 x 790 x 528  CAD  PDF
BCB1500-2  1500mm Charbroiler  LPG Gas - 37.0kw / (126275BTU/H)  1535 x 790 x 528  CAD  PDF
BCB1800-1  1800mm Charbroiler  Gas - 44.4kw / (151549BTU/H)  1844 x 790 x 528  CAD  PDF
BCB1800-2  1800mm Charbroiler  LPG Gas - 44.4kw / (151549BTU/H)  1844 x 790 x 528  CAD  PDF

  BCB Series - Charbroilers - Accessories

Device Code Description
LLC-BCB Locating cups for BCB feet
GST-BCB Grate scraping tool
GLT-BCB Grate lifting tool
SBCT-BCB Splashback cleaning tool
MST600 Mobile stand for BCB600
SST600 Static stand for BCB600
MST900 Mobile stand for BCB900
SST900 Static stand for BCB900
MST1200 Mobile stand for BCB1200
SST1200 Static stand for BCB1200
MST1500 Mobile stand for BCB1500
SST1500 Static stand for BCB1500
MST1800 Mobile stand for BCB1800
SST1800 Static stand for BCB1800
00-739397 Stainless steel fry plate