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Your know-how and your talent displayed to your clients !
Let them dream in front of your rotisserie… the crispness of the duck breasts, the colouring of the fruit, the moisture of the meats…
Imagine a loin of Pork which caramelizes whilst remaining juicy, slowly melting as your clients look on, the success of your cooking is guaranteed!
Healthy cooking without added fat and with no transfer of  odour or taste. it is now possible to roast fish, meat and fruit at the same time!
A rotisserie designed to facilitate daily cleaning, all the fat is collected in the removable lower section all the components are easily removed and accessible. 
Your Labesse Giraudon rotisserie can cook all your dishes from the very smallest to the largest, from lobster to shoulder of lamb, from langoustines to extra large Beef ribs, from eggs to whole chickens there is an accessory to suit every product : square spits, english spits, hooks, rotary spits, baskets, skewers …
manufactured in France with french flair providing the authentic cooking method control your cooking environment and ensure a healthy ambiance for your clients with a base unit which has an integral air curtain

Maestro’s made-to-measure approach also makes it possible to design and manufacture suites with sizes adapted to meet the most physical constraints when faced with small or awkward spaces. The made-to-measure approach also enables the suite to retain its performance and productivity qualities even when installed in a restricted space. Whenever ethnic modules need to be incorporated (robatayaki, Argentinian grill, tandoori oven, etc.), it can be done, Maestro suites can integrate any module.
The Maestro suite is to be admired. Robust, dominantly positioned in any kitchen, it is the core of the culinary creations. Enamelled finishes, rounded angles and surfaces alternating mat and shiny areas turn these suites into works of art clients would dream to own. Maestros attract the eye of professionals and aspirations of apprentices alike. Always with an eye on the smallest of detail, which can be immediately recognisable to the informed connoisseurs, of made-to-measure objects. Open kitchens, so fashionable nowadays, they seem to have been adopted to showcase these masters of engineering and beauty.