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CC34 - Combi Cutter

The Hobart CC34 Combi Cutter is a high output machine giving the constant performance demanded by busy kitchens. It encompasses all the features and benefits of the much acclaimed Hobart Vegetable Preparation Unit and the Hobart Food Processing machine into a single multipurpose unit.

The Combi Cutters unique 4 speed operation puts you in control, complete with pulse function for those delicate items.

Easily transportable, 4 speed cutting unit with carrying handles.

Further Information

Device Number  Description Electrical Loading Capacity
CC34 Combi Cutter with 3 Litre Bowl, Two Bladed Knife

1kW 230/50/1

2kg per minute 


Automatically selected 4 speed setting
Double safety switch
Aluminium base and stainless steel bowl
4 separate cutting discs;
- Slicing
- Dicing
- Shredding
- Grating
- Chopping
Automatic identification of process speed when changing front function


10-80 portions per day

Small compact and easy to use