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VCB61 - Food Processors

The Hobart Food Processor, the VCB61 has a wide low profile bowl and long knife blade which enables it to process more product rapidly.

The VCB61 is designed and manufactured to the highest specification. The wide low profile of the bowl, the ‘S’ shape of the blade and the polycarbonate see through lid make it work efficiently.

The Hobart exclusive interlock system adds protection for the operator. The interlock system prevents the blade rotating until the lid is on the bowl and the operator is ready.

Further Information

Device Number Description Electrical Loading Capacity
VCB61-10 6 Litre Food Processor with two bladed knife, spatula & grinding stone

0.90kW 230/50/1

6 Litre

Single speed 1500r.p.m.
Built in bowl scraper
Two bladed stainless steel knife
See through lid