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The Hobart E6414 and E6128 Peelers are manufactured in the United Kingdom. Built to Hobart’s precise standards, the peelers are robust and built for continuous commercial operation with the minimum of maintenance. Both units are fitted with powerful motors which give maximum performance and long life with consistent results every time, according to the age and grade of the potato.

  • Bull nose on inside of door ensures turning of vegetables, reducing weight loss and improving peeling time.
  • An option of two types of peel trap are available for the E6414. The E6128 has a built in peel trap or may be used with a peel ejector unit.
  • Optional legs or stands to meet difficult height requirements.
  • The Hobart “potato peeler” can be used for peeling a variety of other vegetables.

Further Information

Device Number  Description Electrical Loading Capacity
E6414-10 6kg Potato Peeler With Hose Connector

0.25kW 230/50/1 


E6128M-10 13kg Potato Peeler With Built in Peel Trap & Hose Connector

0.37kW 230/50/1