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VPU Series - Vegetable Preparation Units

The Hobart range of Vegetable Preparation Units (VPU) consists of 3 extremely versatile units. All units produce high volumes of prepared food with the minimum of effort and quality product presentation.

The range of machines are designed for high speed dicing, slicing, grating, shredding and chopping with a number of built in safety features to safeguard the operator during use.

The VPUs have capacities of 5kg, 6.7kg and 8kg production per minute. Wide hoppers ensure maximum production with minimum preparation. A selection of 18 blades are available for slicing, dicing, shredding, grating and chopping – vegetables, fruit, bread and cheese.

The Range

Hobart Vegetable Preperation Units are manufactured to the highest specification; made with anti-corrosive stainless steel which is resistant to day to day food soil and water ingress.

For equipment that is versatile, fast, safe and labour saving look no further than a Hobart Vegatable Preperation Units.

Device Number Description Electrical Loading Capacity
VPU100 Vegetable Preparation Machine 0.25kW 230/50/1 350 Rpm

5Kg Per Minute

VPU200 Vegetable Preparation Machine 0.37kW 230/50/1 350 Rpm

6.7Kg Per Minute

VPU250 Vegetable Preparation Machine 0.5kW 230/50/1 - 350 Rpm

8Kg Per Minute