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The Iconic Hood-Type Collection

Hobart is the standard bearer in warewashing, developing machines that combine impressive user-friendliness and minimal operating costs with maximum performance.

As industry leaders with a reputation for innovation, combined with a heritage of manufacturing excellence, Hobart is proud to produce the most advanced and reliable warewashers on the market.

Our expert teams use ground-breaking, patented technology to push the boundaries towards optimum efficiency, developing machines that reduce energy, save on labour, water, and detergent, whilst maximising wash capacity.

A dedicated customer back innovation programme ensures that Hobart dishwashers are specifically designed with features to make kitchen life easier and more productive for every operator.

Our hood-type collection comes in three, distinctive tiers- Ecomax, Profi and Premax.




Hobart’s Premax range offers the best performance on the market combined with the lowest running costs and contains all of our latest innovative features as standard. Pre-wash is a thing of the past when using a Premax model, saving on labour time, energy and water. The Premax range also boasts the quickest wash cycles and can therefore get through 70 racks per hour (the highest in the range). 

Sizes in range: Standard (500 x 500mm rack), Large (600 x 500mm rack), Twin (Two x 500 x 500mm racks)




Excellent wash results twinned with competitive pricing, smart technology and innovative filtration systems, our Profi range guarantees wash quality regardless of soiling, using the minimum quantity of water even in the heat of a busy service.

Sizes in range: Standard (500 x 500mm rack), Large (600 x 500mm rack), Twin (Two x 500 x 500mm racks)





Our most affordable range, combining reliability and ease of use, while benefitting from innovations passed down from our more premium lines.

Sizes in range: Standard (500 x 500mm rack)

  • Counterbalanced hoods require less effort to raise and lower, reducing strain on the operator whilst retaining the speed of operation in busy kitchens. Risk of injury is also significantly reduced, especially when operating at high capacities of up to 70 cycles an hour.
  • To maintain the wash chamber in the best possible condition, operators can select the Hygiene programme to clean the machine at a convenient time, with minimum effort required. (Profi, Premax & Ecomax PLUS)
  • Easy to operate with single button control, the intuitive control panel with colour-coded display allows operators to see the status of the wash at a glance. (Ecomax PLUS)
  • The control panel on the Ecomax PLUS hood offers a more user friendly working height and greater flexibility in installation options. (Ecomax PLUS)
  • The innovative four-sided hood retains heat and sound energy within the machine, noticeably improving the working environment, saving on the need for extraction, and making energy savings of up to 3120kW (£936 a year based on typical 0.30p kW/h) per year. This feature comes as standard on all Hobart hood-type dishwashers.
  • The newly reduced water consumption per cycle (Ecomax PLUS hood) helps to bring down operational costs whilst still delivering great wash results and hygienically clean ware
  • Easy to operate with single button touch screen control, the intuitive control panel with colour-coded display allows operators to see the status of the wash at a glance.
  • An interlocked strainer protects the dishwasher from accidental damage as the strainer prevents objects being inadvertently dropped into the wash chamber and damaging the pump.
  • The SENSO-ACTIVE system constantly monitors the wash water to maintain the optimum water quality, for the best wash results whilst using the minimum amount of water. This negates the need to drain and re-fill the machine during busy service.
  • Easy to identify, colour co-ordinated parts, and clip-in wash and rinse arms make it easy for operators to remove and replace parts for cleaning.
  • Easy to download data for HACCP compliance using SmartConnect App and USB data.
  • Optional Drain Heat Recovery significantly reduces electrical energy consumption via the transfer of heat from outgoing hot water to incoming cold water.  
  • The highest quality wash results can be achieved in just 52 seconds on Premax models.
  • Premax ranges incorporate a unique steam cycle to obtain optimum wash results – steam is more efficient at cleaning as it can reach areas sometimes missed by wash jets and enables optimum wash results without the need for pre-rinse.
  • Premax machines also have a dedicated cutlery cycle which injects steam into the chamber to loosen food residue and give the best wash results on the market. Operators will no longer need to polish cutlery which saves on time and is more hygienic.
  • The POWER-PLUS wash programme enables operators to activate a second wash pump to increase contact time and maximise wash results even on heavily soiled items.
  • The permanent-clean automatic soil removal feature ejects food debris from the wash tank to maintain the quality of the wash water and ensure optimum wash results. Operators no longer have to drain and refill the machine during service saving both time and operating cost. This is great for busy environments where plates don’t need to be pre-rinsed in advance of being loaded into the machine, also creating a safer, more hygienic working environment for operators by reducing water spillage.
  • Unique cross joint four-spoke wash arms double the contact time of the water with the washware, to increase washing action by 100% compared with conventional wash arms.

Twin Hood Types




For washing larger volumes, the Premax AUPT and Profi AMXT models wash two racks simultaneously, side by side to increase capacity and avoid unnecessary delays in busy kitchens.

For more information on our Hood-type dishwashers, visit the hood product pages.

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