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TOP MANUFACTURER TIPS: Shutting your school kitchen equipment down correctly for the summer holidays

Top manufacturer tips to close your school kitchen equipment down correctly

The summer holidays are almost upon us and your school’s kitchen equipment is just about to go through 6 weeks of no use.

Did you know, not shutting your school kitchen equipment down correctly can have a huge impact on the longevity of your machine?

Shutting your HOBART dishwasher down correctly is crucial. Not only will it make life easier when it comes to restarting it again in September, but it could prolong the life span of your machine.

HOBART Service’s Operations Manager for the North, Craig Robinson gives his top tips for shutting your school kitchen equipment down correctly:

Craig’s checklist for shutting down your school dishwasher:

1. Deep clean your dishwasher using the Hygiene Programme. For the optimum deep clean, use our Hyline Hygiene Tablets and follow our step-by-step video guide ‘How to deep clean my HOBART dishwasher – A step-by-step guide’ 

2. Please remove the detergent lines (also know as chemical hoses) from chemical containers and prime through with water, this will help prolong the life of the chemical tubing and stop chemicals crystalising.

We show you how to prime the detergent lines in our step-by-step video ‘Why aren’t my dishes coming out clean? How to unblock the detergent lines on your HOBART dishwasher’

3. Clean out interior compartment of wash area, do not use bleach as this may cause foaming issues later on when re-starting.

4. Isolate the electrics, turn off and disconnect the water supply (where possible) to avoid any standing water.

5. Depending on model, leave hood up or door open when cleaned out, this will help circulate free air and keep chamber fresh.

Craig says: “Carrying out all these simple tasks will help to keep your dishwasher in a clean, trouble-free state for restarting after a lengthy shut down.”

Combi Ovens

And for your Bonnet combi ovens?

1. Give your oven a good clean using our video guide: How to clean a Bonnet commercial oven - A step-by-step guide 

2. As above: Isolate the electrics, turn off and disconnect the water supply (where possible) to avoid any standing water.

3. Finally, leave the door slightly open to allow your oven to air

Restarting your equipment

When it comes to restarting your school kitchen equipment again in September, we recommend running another Hygiene Cycle to give it a freshen up and ensure all bacteria has been eliminated before reusing your machine.

If you experience any issues with your HOBART dishwasher and have a HOBART Service Contract, give us a call and we will send a Technician out to take a look. Our HOBART Service Technicians are factory trained and have a 94% First Time Fix Rate on ITW equipment – not only this, we cover 100% of UK postcodes and will almost always have a Tech in your area.

If you’re not on a HOBART Service Contract but are experiencing issues with your machine, we offer Fixed Price Repairs from just £349 plus VAT. View the full price list and find out more.



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