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  • Intelligent cooking®:
  • CoreControl: power is adjusted to suit the load
  • AirControl®: speed control and auto fan reverse
  • JetControl: advanced injection technology
  • Rapid cooling of the oven cavity
  • FastPAD: Touch control panel, intuitive and ergonomic
  • Integral TwinControl: Exclusive patented system doubling the essential oven functions
  • Full Cleaning System: Cleaning system with automatic chemical supply
  • Consobox: Tracks the ovens historic consumption levels

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Device CodeDescriptionPowerDimensions
(H x W x D mm)
BPPE061/1-116 Grid Combi OvenELECTRIC
9.3kW (400/50/3) (Fuse at 14.3A)
920 x 846 x 899
BPPE101/1-1110 Grid Combi Oven ELECTRIC
15.3kW (400/50/3) (Fuse at 23A)
920 x 846 x 1069
BPPE0606/1-11Stacked 6 & 6 Grid Combi OvenELECTRIC
18.6kW (400/50/3) (Fuse at 28.7A)
920 x 887 x 1825
BPPE0610/1-11Stacked 10 & 6 Grid Combi OvenELECTRIC
24.6kW (400/50/3) (Fuse at 37.4A)
920 x 887 x 1945
BPPE201/1-1120 Grid Combi OvenELECTRIC
27.7kW (400/50/3) (Fuse at 42.4A)
990 x 862 x 1947
BPPE202/1-1140 Grid Combi OvenELECTRIC
54.7kW (400/50/3) (Fuse at 81.3A)
990 x 1187 x 1947
BPPG061/1-106 Grid Combi OvenGAS
23kW / 0.3kW
920 x 846 x 899
BPPG101/1-1010 Grid Combi OvenGAS
23kW / 0.3kW
920 x 846 x 1069
BPPG201/1-1020 Grid Combi OvenGAS
45.5kW / 0.7kW
990 x 862 x 1947
BPPG202/1-1040 Grid Combi OvenGAS
45.5kW / 0.7kW
990 x 1187 x 1947

Technical data

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Device CodeDescription
B1AC201HCEAccessory 20 Levels GN1/1 Condensing Hood (Elec)
B1AC6&11HCEAccessory 6&10 Levels GN1/1 Condensing Hood (Elec)
B1OP6&1PIReverse Hung Door 6 & 10 Level (Unit Becomes -14)
+7mm to Oven
00-741017Basic Open Stand
00-740420Static Stand with Left Hand Door
00-740421Mobile Stand with Left Hand Door
B1AC6&11HEHood for 6 / 10 Grid Combi Oven
B1ACSC3 Point Core Temperature Probe
B1AC061KE88 Level Runners for 6 Grid Oven