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Device Code



(W x D x H mm)
B2A9FI54PE-40 2 Ring Induction Hob on Open Cupboard^ ELECTRIC
10kW (400/50/3)
400 x 920 x 900
B2A9FI58PE-40 4 Ring Induction Hob on Open Cupboard^ ELECTRIC
20kW (400/50/3)
800 x 920 x 900
B1A9FV4PG-10 2 Burner Hob* GAS
14.3kW (230/50/1)
400 x 920 x 900
B1A9FV8PG-10 4 Burner Hob* GAS
28.6kW (230/50/1)
800 x 920 x 900
B1A9PG4PG-10 Solid Top* GAS
6.5kW / 0.1kW (230/50/1)
400 x 920 x 900
B1A9PG8PG-10 Solid Top* GAS
11.1kW / 0.1kW (230/50/1)
800 x 920 x 900
B1A9FP8PG-10 Split Solid Top with 2 Burner Hob* GAS
20.8kW / 0.1kW (230/50/1)
800 x 920 x 900
8.0kW (400/50/3)
400 x 920 x 900
B1A9CE8PE-40 Twin Plate Solid Top ELECTRIC
16.0kW (400/50/3)
800 x 920 x 900
B1OP-FVALTF Auto Flame Burner Ignition Kit - Gas Hobs Only. One Kit Per 2 Burners. Add IK in Front of Device Code
B1OP-FVAL OPTIONAL - Factory Fitted Electronic Ignition & Pilot Kit - One Kit Per 2 Gas Burners
Add IK in Front of Device Code

Open Burner Reduction Bar - Gas Hobs Only

*Also available in LPG Gas configuration by changing -10 on code to -20
^Induction not compatible with cupboard door


  • Avoids excess energy waste and reduces heat emissions as more than 90% of the energy consumed is used to cook the product
  • Heavy duty 6mm ceramic cover plate
  • Automatic detection of pans for genuine efficiency and safety – the moment the pan is removed from the induction the power is switched off (requires compatible pans - sold separately)
  • Available in the 900 series as 2 or 4 hob units on cupboard or convection oven (2 or 4 x 5kW)
  • Induction wok module exclusively available for i-Top

Gas & Electric Hobs

  • Powerful output
  • 9kW Burners
  • Electric spark ignition as optional
  • 85mm diameter burner heads with double flame rows
  • CloseContact™ horizontal flame works to guarantee between 50 and 60% efficiency whether working on a low or full flame
  • Distance between burners is 370mm (900) to allow for various sizes of pans
  • Safety thermocouple on each burner
  • 6 position switch for greater control
  • Integrated temperature limit switch in each plate for consistency

Technical data

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