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(W x D x H mm)
B1A9FR18BG-10 18ltr Single Well Fryer GAS
16.5kW / 0.1kW (230/50/1)
400 x 920 x 1157
B1A9FR25BG-10 25ltr Single Well Fryer GAS
21.5kW / 0.1kW (230/50/1)
400 x 920 x 1157
B1A9FRD25BG-10 2 x 25ltr Double Well Fryer GAS
43.0kW / 01.kW (230/50/1)
800 x 920 x 1157
B1A9FR15BE-40 15ltr Single Well Fryer on Open Cupboard ELECTRIC
12.0kW (400/50/3)
400 x 920 x 900
B1A9FR18BE-40 18ltr Single Well Fryer ELECTRIC
15.0kW (400/50/3)
400 x 920 x 900
B1A9FR25BE-40 25ltr Single Well Fryer ELECTRIC
22.5kW (400/50/3)
400 x 920 x 900
B1A9FRD6BE-40 2 x 6ltr Double Well Fryer on Open Cupboard ELECTRIC
12.0kW (400/50/3)
400 x 920 x 900
B1A9FRD25BE-40 2 x 25ltr Double Well Fryer ELECTRIC
2 x 22.5kW (400/50/3)
800 x 920 x 900

 *Also available in LPG Gas configuration by changing -10 on code to -20

  • Deep drawn stainless steel wells with cold zone
  • Electronic regulation
  • Welded pans
  • Manual draining and filtering are easy through a conveniently located valve
  • Safety Thermostat limits temperature and ensures consistency
  • Electric units: shielded heating elements with low power density for longer shortening or oil life
  • Gas units: Micro perforated burners controlled by regulation bloc
  • 25ltr fryers can be suited with an integral filtration system. This is kept operational by a blown air heating system in the piping which can even melt solidified fats – see price list for fryer suite configurations

Technical data

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