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SENSOTRONIC washing intelligence

Outstanding washing intelligence: they are not only a reliable partner, offering brilliant durability and perfect wash results. Our warewash systems are smart.

Clever machine features detect empty conveyor sections, for example, or specific wash ware and automatically adjust to different circumstances. In this way, they help you reduce operating costs and save valuable resources.

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BEST-START system check

Automatic monitoring of functions

Always keep up to date: Each time the machine is filled with fresh water, the functions of heating systems, wash systems, drain valves and strainers are automatically checked.

Simple and easy to understand indication

The status of machine components of the PREMAX line is indicated in an easily comprehensible manner by means of the colour touch screen control. Deviations from the nominal status are indicated by symbols and text. Our intelligent system automatically suggests corrective measures.

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Glass programmes

You would also like to clean your glasses in the flight-type or rack-type dishwasher? No problem!

The optional glass programme of the PREMAX line perfectly adjusts the wash process to the high demands of glass cleaning. The machine automatically detects the coded baskets. The dishwashing parameters immediately adapt to the new requirements and provide an optimum cleaning result.

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SENSO-SPACE compartment detection

Five benefits all at once: Save water, go easy on your purse, be gentle on the environment and reduce your energy and chemical consumption!


Irregular washing volumes during a wash cycle lead to a machine that is not fully utilised. There will be empty compartments between the wash ware. The patented SENSO-SPACE compartment detection automatically detects these gaps and immediately regulates fresh water consumption down to a necessary minimum.

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INTENSIVE² pan washing programme

Your wash ware includes pots, pans and Gastronorm containers in addition to dishes and cutlery? Then we recommend the use of the optional and patented pan washing programme.

Made possible by clever adaptation

The innovative pan washing programme automatically identifies metal wash ware and automatically adjusts the parameters. By means of a special metal detector in the entry area of the machine, the transport speed and the wash pressure are intelligently adjusted to ensure optimum cleaning results.

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AQUA-ADAPT water consumption control

Manage your water consumption in a clever and efficient way:

Modern warewashing systems allow you to choose different conveyor speeds to react to varying volumes of dishes, degrees of soiling or the available wash time. The AQUA-ADAPT water consumption control automatically adapts the fresh water consumption per hour to the selected transport speed.

YOUR BENEFIT: This for instance avoids unnecessarily high water consumption at low machine speeds. The wash ware is always cleaned with the same amount of water irrespective of the machine speed, thus achieving an even wash result.

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SENSO-ACTIVE resource management

Intelligent dishwashing of the special kind

To ensure a clever use of water: The resource management monitors the quality of the water, which automatically causes the water consumption to be adapted. If the level of soil in the machine rises, an intelligent soil sensor causes the fresh water supply to be briefly increased.

Operating costs are reduced

Owing to the innovative use of resources, operating costs can be reduced:

  • Reliable wash results with a high level of soil.
  • High tank water quality with lowest average fresh water consumption.
  • The dishwasher corrects operating errors.
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SHINE cutlery programme

Brings out your cutlery's shining

Food should be a feast for the eyes too: Clean cutlery adds an important finishing touch to a menu. The SHINE cutlery programme is your guarantee for hygienically clean and brilliant cutlery.

Pre-soaking no longer necessary

Work-intensive steps such as separately collecting and pre-soaking cutlery frequently contribute to slowing down and impeding the cleaning process. The optionally available cutlery cycle puts an end to this. Specifically developed cutlery baskets and intelligent sensors make sure that the cutlery is identified automatically by the machine. Hence, the dishwashing system automatically adapts the wash and rinse parameters in such a way that an optimum cleaning result is achieved.

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Wash ware detection

The intelligent way to wash glasses and cutlery

The requirements when washing glasses and cutlery are particularly high and are different to those for dishes, pots or trays. With the HOBART wash ware detection you will in future be assisted by an intelligent helper that automatically adapts to the high standards for glass and cutlery cleaning.

HOW THAT WORKS? The encoded racks are detected by the sensors in the rack-type dishwasher. This causes the relevant dishwashing parameters to be automatically adapted - leaving you with a perfect wash result.

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