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Developed to meet caterers' needs, the NEW Hyline range is one to be counted on to deliver sparkling results every time.

Best value and quality guaranteed. Prices start from just £19.

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Number of Canisters

Glasses cleaner HLG-10
Glasses cleaner

Protects decors, glass corrosion protection, best beer foam stability,12kg containers

Bistro Cleaner HLB 20
Bistro cleaner
HLB 20
For removing coffee and tea stains, cleans odourless, 12kg containers
Universal cleaner HLU-30
Universal cleaner
High cleaning efficiency due to active chlorine, very good whitening effect, 12kg containers
Universal cleaner HLU-31
Universal cleaner
Especially suitable for hard water, with active chlorine, high cleaning performance, 12kg containers
Universal cleaner HLU-32

Universal cleaner

Suitable for soft water, chlorine free, with particular activity against starch, 12kg containers
Aluminium cleaner HLA-40

Aluminium cleaner

Particularly suitable for dishes made of aluminium and stainless steel, high material protection, 12kg containers
Glasses rinse HLG-1000

Glasses rinse

Highly concentrated, protects decors, fast drying, best beer foam stability, 10 litre container
Universal rinse HLU 3000

Universal rinse
HLU 3000

Highly concentrated, stain-free drying, very good flow behaviour, 10 litre container


10 litre storage baskets also available to order upon request

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