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Smart Savings with Hobart Equipment

Innovation is at the core of our existence at Hobart, enabling us to produce the most cost-effective machines on the market with features specifically designed to maximise efficiency and capacity, reduce energy, and save on labour, water, and detergent costs.


From our cutting-edge research & development programmes to our state of the art production facilities, every aspect of our operation is dedicated to delivering outstanding product performance for our customers.

With professional kitchens under increasing pressure to find operational economies, we have a range of innovative solutions – machines designed and built on the core principles of simplicity and performance – to help provide tangible, real world savings.

Hobart is part of the ITW Food Equipment Group, a suite of manufacturers who adhere to a tried and trusted ‘customer-back’ research and development model. Working in partnership with operators, we challenge our expert team to provide innovative, patented solutions to make kitchen life easier and more productive.

This ethos – creating machines that do more with less – has been a guiding pillar of our manufacturing process for the past century, yet it has never been more relevant to the challenges of today. Operators who are now facing increased energy, ingredient, and resource costs, can be reassured that their Hobart equipment has already been designed with customer needs and efficiency in mind.

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