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Water Treatment

Hobart has a select range of water treatment equipment including cartridge, base exchange softners, reverse osmosis units and pressure pumps, suitable for all warewashing products.

  • We offer a choice of water softners capable of producing either 500 litres between regeneration cycles or continuous soft water output 24hrs a day
  • Our reverse osmosis systems remove the dissolved particles which cause spots and streaks helping to ensure perfect, consistent results on glassware and cutlery

What our customers say...
"From my initial contact with Hobart I was very impressed with their attention to detail and the way they dealt with my issues, overall delivering an excellent service."
Paul, Maintenance Manager at Holiday Inn Doncaster

The Range

Device Number Description Electrical Loading
SE-H Water softener, hot or cold feed - 500 litres per regeneration. Supplied with hoses

0.30kW 230/50/1

SD-H Water softener, hot or cold feed - continous output. Supplied with hoses


RO600C-10 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Unit producing up to 300 litres per hr

0.72kW 230/50/1 (fuse at 10A)

RO-S Freestanding Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Unit for Undercounter Machines

230/50/1 (fuse at 1.5A)