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Glossary of Terms

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Accurinse - A rinse technology on our warewashing models 

Boiling Kettle - A large cooking pot heated via a water jacket

Bonnet - The flagship brand of Hobart Cooking.

Bratt Pan - A large multifunctional pan with its own water and heat supply

Charbroiler - It is like a BBQ but without the charcoal

Combi Oven - Oven which accelerates the cooking process by producing steam and convection

Genius X² - A double activation filter system which ensures maximum removal of food soil

High Speed Steamer - High pressure system, cooking food in minutes 

Hobart UK - Leading UK catering equipment manufacturer. Part of ITW.

Induction Hob - Hob which uses a magnet coil to heat the pan (pan must contain iron) 

INTENSIV4 - A unique 4-stage drying cycle on selected warewasher models. This feature delivers ‘ready to use’ glassware and eliminates steam escape when the door is opened. 

Maestro - Made by Bonnet, our flagship brand of Hobart Cooking, they are superior quality cooking equipment, tailor-made matching your exacting specifications.

Optisoft - Fully automatic water softening system

Salamander Grill - A gas or electric heavy duty grill with removable drip trays and easy glide counter balanced tops

Smartronic - Simple, understandable controls

Vapo-Rinse - A rinse technology on our warewashing models  

Virto Ceramic Electric Hob - Hob which glows red when in use and does not hold residual heat

X Change Cycle - A selectable cycle which empties the wash tank completely at the end of the wash prior to rinsing